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(a) Administrative Reforms & Co-ordination (Group-I)

       1. Holding of Committee of Secretaries (Cos.) Meeting.
       2. Holding of Secretaries Meeting.
       3. Holding of Divisional Commissioner’s Meeting.
       4. Implementation of the decision taken in the Chief Secretaries Conference.
       5. Implementation of recommendations of Committees and Commission on   
       6. Secretariat Manual, Improvement in officer Procedure and Methods.
       7. Transfer Policy.
       8. Organization and Methods reforms in subordinate offices.
       9. Liaison with Centre and other States regarding Administrative Reforms.
      10. Co-ordination work with other administrative departments.
      11. Promptness and efficiency in Administration.

(b) Administrative Reforms & Co-Ordination (Group-II)

       1. Department Manuals of Heads of Departments.
       2. District Manual Amendment therein.
       3. Hand Book of office Procedure and amendment therein.
       4. Statement of Inspections and Tours from Heads of the Departments and
           Regional Offices.
       5. Monthly statement of Tours/Inspections and Important event from
       6. Implementation of 20th Point of 20 Point Program.
       7. Assembly work-Chasing of Assembly questions and its allied works.

(c) Administrative Reforms & Co-ordination (Group-III)

      1. Constitution/Extension/Dissolution and reactivization of State Level/District 
          Level Committee. 
      2. Collection of vacancies in respect of L.D.Cs./Stenographers Grade-II/Grade-
          I from all Heads of 
          Departments and  sending requisition to R.P.S.C. for recruitment.
      3. Selection of L.D.Cs. and Stenographers through RPSC and allotment to
          various departments for
      4. Arrangements for conducting the examinations on behalf of UPSC/SSC etc.
          and other exams.

(d) Administrative Reforms & Co-ordination (Group-IV) 

      1. Attendance checking in respect of Secretariat and other Heads of
          Departments located in
          Secretariat premises. 
      2. Surprise inspection of all the Heads of Departments and Regional Offices
          Autonomous bodies 
          located at Jaipur and  district level.

(e) Administrative Reforms & Co-ordination (Group-V) (RECORD ROOM)

      1. Preservation of Secretariat Records.
      2. Weeding of files.
      3. Supply of authenticated copies of documents
      4. Approval of file heads of all the departments of Secretariat.
      5. List of the files to be transferred to Archives.

(f) Administrative Reforms & Co-ordination (Group-VI) 

      1. To fix norms of posts of different categories.
      2. To review Cadre Strength of Departments.
      3. Reconstitution of Organizational structure of Secretariat Departments.
      4. To obtain and examine the following returns/Inspection reports from all the
          Sections and Cells of the  Secretariat.
      5. Inspection reports from all the Departments/Sections and Cells of the

                (i) Monthly Arrear Report of Pending proposals. 
               (ii) Quarterly Statement of pending proposals. 
               (iii) Half Yearly inspection Reports of Group Officers of Secretariat
               (iv) Yearly Inspection Report of the Deputy Secretaries. 
               (v) Quarterly Statement of pending proposals discussed in the meeting
                     of Secretaries with the  Head of   Departments.
      6. Trainings of Secretariat Staff and its allied work.
      7. Work-load and Work Procedure study of the Departments/Sections of

(g) Administrative Reforms Co-ordination (Group-VII)
1. Codification and publication of R.S.R and G.F. & A.R.
      2. To Compile and issue quarterly compendium of important orders/circulars.
      3. To correspond with all the Administrative Departments in order to issue civil 
          list of officers of State Services.

(h) Administrative Reform(TIMES) Department

Initiating a new system to track the inspections and tours to be carried out by officers of all departments. This new initiative can be tracked by a software named TIMES (Tour & Inspections Monitoring and Evaluation System). Thus it will be able to monitor the field trips along with inspections of officers of about 65 departments.
Nodal Officer: Joint Secretary, E-Mail: cmv@rajasthan.gov.in Phone:0141-2385244, IP No.:3634 Last Updated Date: 20-December-2016